Heart Art Projects – Abstract Painted Hearts

Abstract Painted Heart Art ProjectsI love the idea of heart art projects year round, but they especially come in handy for Valentine’s Day. These beautiful abstract heart art projects are very quick and easy and can be done by anyone. They also make for great homemade Valentine’s Day gifts. All you need are a few painting supplies and some colorful paints and you’ll be ready to make your own beautiful heart art.

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Miniature Canvas Abstract Heart Project (affiliate links provided for convenience)



Step 1. First I filled a paint palette with a selection of colors I wanted to use. To add the paint to the miniature canvas, I dipped my palette knife into the paint and then placed it onto the canvas.

Step 2. Continue to fill the palette with paint colors until there is no white space left.

Step 3. Using the side and back of the palette knife, slowly scrape down through the paint.

Step 4. Using a small paint brush, add the outline of several white hearts.

Step 5. Add additional heart outlines in different colors surrounding and in between the original heart outlines. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Have fun experimenting with just adding small bits of color and texture.

How to Create Beautiful Heart Art Projects

Step 6. Your final heart art project would look adorable added to a miniature easel. You could also instead add some cord to the back so that it could be hung.

Abstract Heart Art Project

Wooden Heart Art Project (affiliate links provided for convenience)




Step 1. Start by adding acrylic paint in rainbow order directly to the wooden heart.

Step 2. Find the center point of the wooden heart and work your way around spreading the paint from the center to the outer edge of the heart.

Step 3. As you work your way around the heart, you can mix in white paint with different colors to add further dimension and streaking.

Step 4. As you’re painting the heart, if you let the brush go off the heart and onto the paper behind it, you can also create another pretty art heart outline. If I did it over again, I would have made the additional paint strokes off the heart even longer.

Fun and easy Heart Art Projects

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