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Pressed Flower Ring Dish Tutorial

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I’ve seen so many pressed flower resin projects and I wanted to do something that was similar but without using resin. It could not be any easier to create a pressed flower ring dish. This project probably takes about 15-20 mins and in the end you have a beautiful dried flower ring dish.

I just purchased my pressed flowers on Amazon and provided links below but if you want to use your own flowers, see this post on How to Press Flowers

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Dried Flower Ring Dish Pressed Flower Trinket dish

Supplies for Pressed Flower Ring Dish

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  1. Start by adding the glitter paint directly to your ring dish.
  2. Because the glitter paint I used was very sticky, I immediately pressed flowers right on top before it dried. If the glitter paint you are using is not sticky enough or it dries too quickly, you can add a layer of Mod Podge before you add the flowers.
  3. Let the paint and flowers dry completely and then spray the dish outside with this acrylic gloss sealer. I sprayed 2 layers. Best to let the sealant dry overnight before adding your jewelry to the ring dish. Dried Flower Ring Dish Pressed Flower Trinket dish

Making a rainbow ring dish using Mod Podge

You can create a similar pressed flower dish using just Mod Podge instead of glitter paint. Start by covering the dish with Mod Podge.


  1. Start by covering the dish with Mod Podge.
  2. Add the mini dried flowers using tweezers.
  3. Next add glitter for the clouds.
  4. Finally seal the finished ring dish with acrylic gloss sealer.

These dried flower ring dishes would make beautiful handmade gifts. You can even press your own flowers to add a personal touch. Display your finished flower trinket bowl around the house or use it as a jewelry holder in your bathroom. If you like this DIY ring dish tutorial, also check out how to make nail polish marbled ring dishes.

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