Glass Crackled Gems

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Glass Crackled Gems and CabochonsI love making my own colorful gems. It all started when I first made these glitter gems and then I made these DIY glass cracked gems. This time I wanted to do some Lisa Frank inspired glass crackled gems and you won’t believe how easy these are to make! These crackle gems are perfect for making your own jewelry or key chains. An awesome craft that both kids and adults can enjoy. These glass gems take only a few steps to make and it’s a great craft activity for all ages.

Glass Crackled Gems and Cabochons

Supplies for Crackled Gems (affiliate links provided for convenience)

See the video here and the full directions below:

Directions for Glass Crackled Gems

  • Step 1. On the flat side of a glass dome cabochon paint a layer of clear top coat nail polish. (You can also use vase filler gems like these, but the final results are bolder when using cabochons). Glass Crackled Gems and Cabochons 2
  • Step 2. Once the top coat is dry, add a layer of the black nail shatter polish and let dry completely.Glass Crackled Gems and Cabochons
  • Step 3. Add color nail polish and let dry completely. Glass Crackled Gems and Cabochons
  • Step 4. Glue glass dome to cabochon backing.Glass Crackled Gems and Cabochons
  • Step 5. Add necklace chain or keychain.Glass Crackled Gems and Cabochons

Hope you’re feeling inspired to make your own glass crackled gems and cabochons. This would be a great and easy craft to do with large groups for a craft or birthday party activity.

I would love to see your finished glass gems. Come share your finished project with me on Instagram @Colormadehappy or Facebook.

If you’re looking for more glass gem activities, check out these glitter gems and these DIY cracked gems.

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