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Doodle Painted Rock Idea

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Painted Rock Idea - Doodle Rock made up of a bunch of triangles with individual drawings on them

This doodle painted rock design idea is so easy to do yourself regardless of your artistic abilities.  You can customize it to be as easy or complicated as you’d like! I love the way this painted rock turns out with rainbow colors and the triangle design.

Doodle Painted Rock Ideas

This is very easy painted rock idea that can be done on rocks or on paper. It’s a great craft idea for all ages including kids, adults, and even teens! See below for our supply list and easy to follow step by step tutorial.


How to Make a Doodle Painted Rock Design Step by Step

1. Get the Right Rock

I started with a White Santorini Rock. Santorini rocks are wonderful because they are similar to drawing on a piece of paper with their smooth texture and pure white background.

White santorini stones for painted rocks

2. Draw the Triangles

I drew triangles using each Colorshot paint pen color. Colorshot paint pens have a nice wide chisel tip making it easy to color large areas. Other paint pens that I love and use often are these Posca paint markers and these Tooli-Art Paint Pens.

Drawing the triangles in with paint markers

3. Add Detailed Designs

For the detailed designs the easiest option is to use a white uni-ball gel pen and a black fine liner pen. You can also use a very small paint brush and acrylic paint for the details as well.

White that is used for creating the white outlines and doodling onto dark colors

Doodle Ideas to Try

If you’re looking for inspiration check out the example pictures for some fun ways you can add designs to the triangles. I had fun creating different faces, adding little messages, drawing small pictures (like flowers and stars) and just doodling little patterns. The whole point is to get creative and express yourself!

One fun idea is to use the colors as your inspiration. On orange you can draw an orange slice, on yellow a sun, a red heart, and so on.

Ideas for your doodle rock - in this picture the doodles are being created. Examples include a smiley face and a heart.

For more painted rock ideas and tutorial, check out my rock painting section. Make sure you are following along with my on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok see more colorful and crafty projects.

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