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How to Make a Painted Rock Christmas Wreath

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As you may know I’m a sucker for painted rock DIY projects. I love finding fun ways to display painted rocks. A painted rock Christmas wreath is a wonderful way to share a group of painted rocks together in one place. I love that a painted rock wreath can be customized for any holiday or time of year. 

What Is a Painted Rock Christmas Wreath?

Painted Rock Ideas - How to Make a Painted Rock Wreath
Beautiful Rock Wreath by Pawleys Rocks

A Painted Rock Wreath is a wreath made out of lightweight-themed rocks that you can put on your front door, back door, or anywhere you want to showcase it! As you know, I love using painted rocks to share a kindness message, as decor around my house, or as a fun craft for kids. This Painted Rock Christmas Wreath is the perfect combination of all three!

You can use festively painted rocks as a statement piece for your front door to signal that the holidays are coming up. You can also use this wreath around your house as a fun piece of decor. Lastly, you can grab a kid or two and have them paint the rocks and glue them on the wreath with you! This Painted Rock Wreath Craft is truly a multipurpose project!

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Supplies to Make a Painted Rock Christmas Wreath (affiliate links provided for convenience)

How to Make This Painted Rock Christmas Wreath

  1. If you want this project to be truly DIY, you can start by painting the rocks yourself or have your kids paint them! Check out this post here on the best supplies for drawing on rocks and this post for how to paint rocks
  2. Take your plywood or grapevine wreath and either spray paint it the color you want for the background or add any garland decoration. 
  3. Using E6000 glue, glue your rocks to the wreath. I suggest laying out your rocks before gluing them so you know exactly where they will end up!
  4. Using a wreath hanger, hang your wreath wherever you want! (The wreath is pretty heavy since it’s made of rocks, so make sure you have a sturdy wreath hanger).
Painted Rock Ideas - How to Make a Painted Rock Wreath finished product of a painted rock Christmas wreath hanging on the door
Holiday Wreath of Painted Rocks by Debbie Durkee-Sturmer


If this is your first time either working with painted rocks or making a painted rock wreath, there are a few things you need to help you get started. First, make sure you purchase lightweight rocks. I know the terms “lightweight” and “rocks” don’t seem to go together. However, smaller, thinner rocks do work best for this project. 

Second, make sure you get the right paint and paint pens. I use Posca Paint Pens because they contain opaque water-based paint that can be used on a variety of surfaces. These paint pens come in a variety of sizes, so you can easily find ones that work best for you! You can read the full post on my favorite rock painting supplies here!

Third, if you don’t want to use paint pens, you can use paintbrushes combined with acrylic paint. You can easily find a cheap acrylic paint set and a cheap set of brushes!

Fourth, a sealer is crucial when it comes to painting rocks. If you don’t seal your rock, your design is likely to become yellow or fade if exposed to the elements. Try to get a weather-resistant, non-yellowing paint sealer to protect your design. I like this matte sealant to keep the original look of the rock but you could also use a glossy sealant. 

Lastly, try to get E6000 Glue. It’s an industrial craft adhesive that has a very strong hold, which works perfectly for crafts like this one. E6000 Glue is meant to work with heavy materials like wood, glass, metal, and concrete, so you know your rocks aren’t going anywhere!

Painted Rock Family Wreath

Painted rocks wreath with members of the family on it
Family Wreath of Painted Rocks by Debbie Durkee-Sturmer

This craft is super customizable depending on your preferences. For example, I love the wreath above made by Debbie Durkee-Sturmer with the her family members’ names painted on individual rocks. Even though it’s not necessarily Christmas-related, Debbie commented that she is going to give it to her Mother-in-Law as a Christmas gift!

Get creative with your painted rock designs. You can paint meaningful Christmas traditions that your family does during the holidays. If you and your family love to travel, paint a rock for each place you’ve visited. You could also paint a scene or character from your favorite Christmas movie, such as Elf or Home AloneAnother idea would be to paint a holiday memory or event that happened in your life like “Baby’s First Christmas” or “First Christmas Married.” This way, you can collect all your favorite memories and put them on a wreath so you can treasure them during the holidays.

Turn your Wreath into a Candle Ring

DIY Painted rocks wreath candle ring
Candle Ring Painted Rock Wreath by Pam Williams

If you prefer you can turn your wreath into a table top ring and get a large candle to put inside like Pam Williams did with her wreath pictured above.

Final Thoughts

This Painted Rock Wreath is the perfect DIY project for the holidays because you can make it truly personal to you! If you’re looking for a fun project to do with your kids or a personalized gift idea, look no further than this Painted Rock Wreath! Try this out and let me know what you think!

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