How to Draw Santa

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Santa is a holiday icon and there’s so many fun ways to draw the jolly old elf. To help with seasonal art, I thought I’d share how to draw Santa with step by step instructions. It’s an easy drawing tutorial for kids to try at home or in the classroom, or use it as inspiration for your own unique Santa art instead.

It might seem complicated at first, but anyone can draw Santa Claus with a little bit of practice. Remember: it’s the imperfections that make your art unique; he doesn’t have to be perfect!

How to draw santa step by step

How to Draw Santa Step by Step

Follow these steps to learn how to draw Santa! This easy Santa drawing tutorial was designed to be simple enough for beginners and kids to follow. 

  1. Start with the eyes and eyebrows.

    You can give your Santa drawing any style of eyes you want. I went for a cute, simple design with eyelashes, but you could also do simple dots, closed eyes, or kawaii eyes too. Don’t forget to outline some bushy eyebrows; these will be left white later.

    Santa drawing tutorial eyes

  2. Add the nose, moustache, and mouth. 

    First, draw the oval for Santa’s nose. Then add the two shapes coming off the bottom of the nose, just underneath. These will form the moustache. Finally, join the two shapes with a semi-circle under the nose to make the mouth.Santa face with nose and mostache

  3. Draw the face shape and santa hat.

    Rather than draw the face and then the beard, I like to draw the beard around the face in my cute Santa art doodles. You can do these steps in any order, but it might be easier to define the hat’s brim first. It should be positioned just over the eyebrows.

    From there, draw the cheeks and join them about halfway into each side of the mustache. This will give Santa a face. 

    Finally, add the rest of the hat shape and finish it off with a puffy ball pom-pom to the top of the hat.
    how to draw Santa step that adds the face shape and hat

  4. Give Santa a beard.

    You don’t need to copy the Santa’s beard design exactly; this is a great place to get creative! Traditional Santa drawings usually give Santa a bushy beard all around, but I wanted to create a flowy look in my art. 
    Santa drawing with a flowing beard

  5. Add the body.

    Now for Santa’s body! Again, it’s just basic shapes joined onto the face we’ve already drawn. Try and imagine where Santa’s shoulders would be, then start your lines from there against the beard. If you’re not sure where to begin, parallel to Santa’s cheek is usually a good spot.

    Draw one slightly slanted line on each side, then join at the bottom to create a bell shape for his belly. Add a second thinner curved line rectangle underneath. This will be the trim on Santa’s suit.Step for how to draw Santa that adds his body

  6. Give Santa some legs and boots.

    Sticking again to basic shapes, start from the bottom of Santa’s coat to draw two legs for his lower body. The legs should be slanted inward, basically a reverse from the larger shape you drew for the body. Give the legs a flat line on the bottom.

    Next, draw the boot shape with a curve on the outer side. Finally, add another line just above each boot on the leg for the pant’s fur trim.

    How to draw Santa's legs and boots

  7. Add a belt.

    Now that we have Santa’s basic shape done, it’s time to add his belt. To draw the buckle, first start with a rectangle in the middle of Santa’s body just above the coat trim. Next, add the smaller rectangle inside to give the belt buckle definition.

    Finally, attach the belt to each side with two parallel lines. The lines should be curved slightly to follow the shape of Santa’s body to make it look wrapped around. An easy way to do this is to just maintain the same distance between the trim and the belt. 
    Santa drawing step with belt

  8. Give him arms.

    The only thing missing now is Santa’s arms! I did one up and one down so it looks like he’s waving, but you can pose your Santa any way you want. 

    To draw the arms, add two parallel lines on the upper body in the direction you want Santa’s arm to go. I like to start them a bit wider at the shoulder and add a slight curve to both the arm shape and the end of the sleeve. 

    Once you have your arms drawn, add an extra line on the sleeves to define the coat’s white fur, just like we did for the pants.

    Santa is always wearing mittens, which is great for beginner artists because they’re a lot easier to draw than fingers. The gloves with a thumb are still a bit tricky, though, so may want to practice the shape on a scrap piece of paper first. Or omit the thumb altogether, if you prefer.How to draw Santa completed drawing

  9. Color him in

    Once you’re happy with your Santa drawing it’s time to color him in! Fill Santa with any shades and art supplies you like, or use this example as inspiration to practise your art shading technique. 

    To make the lines pop, I recommend tracing over them again in black once you’re done. Santa drawing that's colored in

Ways to Use Your Santa Drawing

Now that you’ve learned how to draw Santa, why not try some of these other seasonal art and craft ideas?

Homemade Wrapping Paper

You can add your Santa drawings to plain paper to create your very own, DIY custom wrapping paper! Try drawing Santa in different poses or coloring him differently each time. This is a great activity to make gift giving more personalized around the holidays. 

Create a North Pole Themed Picture

Santa is looking a bit lonely, isn’t he? Give him some friends and create your very own North Pole themed picture! If you don’t want to draw any more characters, try drawing a room around him or creating a fun background design instead.

Make Santa Painted Rocks

I love painting on rocks! Instead of drawing on paper, draw your Santa design on a large rock in pencil instead. Then paint him using your go-to rock painting technique and supplies for a cute Christmas decoration or gift idea. 

Santa painted rock

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