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Scarecrow Flower Pot Craft

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Scarecrow Flower Pot Craft

Clay flower pots are an inexpensive craft supply and you can turn them into just about anything. I loved how these gingerbread house clay pots turned out so I knew I wanted to do a fun clay pot craft for fall that could also be used at Thanksgiving. This scarecrow flower pot craft are incredibly easy to make and you only need a few supplies.

Turn a Mini Terra Cotta Flower Pot Into an Adorable Scarecrow Craft


Close up of scarecrow painted on a mini flower pot

Scarecrow Flower Pot Craft Supplies

Scarecrow Flower Pot Craft

Watch the video and see the directions below:

These mini flower pot scarecrow decorations are really easy to make! They’d also be a cute craft for kids to do around Thanksgiving… Or even when there’s company over and you need an activity to keep the kids busy!

How to Paint a Scarecrow Flower Pot: Step by Step Directions

1. Paint the Top

Paint the top of the clay pot using acrylic paint. You could also use a paint marker.

2. Add Face Details

Add the eye details, nose and hair using paint markers. I like to first outline the design in pencil.

Scarecrow Flower Pot Craft painting steps: first the top, then add the eyes, face, and details

3. Add Whites of Eyes

Make sure the black background of the eyes are completely dry before adding the white.

4. Detail the Nose and Mouth

Add fine line details for the nose and mouth use a black fine liner pen.

5. Make Rosy Cheeks

Add pink cheeks to the smile.

Steps for how to complete this Thanksgiving scarecrow flower pot craft - add whites to eyes, details to nose and mouth, and then pink circles on the cheeks

6. Embellish With Flowers

Glue flower embellishments onto the top of the pot.

7. Finishing Touches

Add any additional designs using paint markers.

Adding embellishments and finishing touchesCompleted scarecrow flower pot examples

How to Use This Craft for Fall or Thanksgiving

Wouldn’t these scarecrow flower pots be adorable as placards for a Thanksgiving table setting? They could even hold snacks or treats!

They are also a great fall craft for kids too.

I’d love to see how your terra cotta scarecrow clay pots turn out. Come share with me a picture of your finished flower pots on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

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