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20 Painted Sea Shell Designs

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Painted Sea Shell ArtHave you ever tried painting sea shells? Sea Shell painting is such a relaxing activity and it’s easy to do with the right supplies. Even if you don’t have your own collection of shells to paint, there are many places you can buy plain shells, including online. See below for some supply recommendations, great places to purchase shells and some colorful painted shells for painted sea shell inspiration.

Painted Sea Shell Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Painted Sea Shell Inspiration – Artists or tutorials are linked for each picture

Large Painted Sea Shell by Addison KanoelaniPainted Sea Shell Art

Dot Painted Sea ShellPainted Sea Shell Art

Tie Dye Shells using Sharpies – Color Made Happy Tie Dye Sharpies on Shells

Ocean Galaxy Painted Shell by Addison KanoelaniPainted Sea Shell Art

Markers on Rocks by Color Made Happy- I used these awesome alcohol brush markers. 20 Painted Shell Designs

Purple Painted ShellPainted Sea Shell Art

Puffy Paint Sea Shells – Color Made HappyPainted Shells Using Puffy Paint

Whale Painted Sea Shell

Painted Sea Shell Art

Purple Painted ShellsPainted Sea Shell Art

Blue Silhouette Decorated ShellsPainted Sea Shell Art

Alcohol Ink Painted Sea Shells – Color Made HappyGalaxy Painted Shells Using Alcohol InksRainbow Painted ShellsPainted Sea Shell ArtGalaxy Sunset Painted Sea ShellPainted Sea Shell Art

Polka Dot Painted Sea ShellsPainted Sea Shell Art

Painted Sand DollarsPainted Sea Shell Art

Pink Painted ShellsPainted Sea Shell Art

Ocean Painted Shell – Katie Brooks ArtPainted Sea Shell

Blue Painted Shells

Painted Mussel Shells – by RemsStoneArtPainted Sea Shell Art

Flower Painted Shells by Rock Garden ArtPainted Sea Shell ArtMetallic Zentangle Painted Shells by Pat Davidson Painted Sea Shell Art

Collection of Painted Sea Shells – Katie Brooks ArtPainted Sea Shell

Have you tried painting shells or do you have a fun sea shell craft to share. Come show me on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to get featured

.Painted Sea Shells Crafts


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  1. Amazing! Your footprints must be all over the world. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m sharing these photos with nursing home residents with lots of paint and shells to sort!

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