Printable Butterfly Outline Templates

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Are you looking for a lovely butterfly outline for a drawing, craft, tattoo, or inspiration? I have several butterfly outlines you will enjoy. Some are simple butterfly designs and some are more detailed butterfly templates. Use each fun butterfly printable below for inspiration, tracing, coloring, or doodling.

Free Printable Butterfly Templates

Make sure to click the “Click Here to DOWNLOAD”  links below for the PDF version as the image on the page is not print resolution. These free printable butterfly outlines are for personal use only and can not be resold or reformatted in any way.

Simple Butterfly Outline

This simple  butterfly template has very few lines and is perfect for kids and adults of all ages. This butterfly silhouette is a great start for your butterfly drawing and coloring pages. Use this as a base before adding wing detail and background scenery. This butterfly would make an elegant butterfly logo base if you are designing a new logo.


Monarch Butterfly Template

This classic butterfly outline is a fantastic start if you are looking to draw a beautiful monarch butterfly. It’s a great addition to a greeting card or decorative element for your drawings. The detail is in the edging of the wings! Even though these lovely creatures are spring symbols, they can be printed and decorated any time of year.


Beautiful Butterfly Outline

This super simple butterfly outline is another great starting point for your artistic release. This outline would look wonderful on heat transfer items as it doesn’t have tons of lines to copy. Stencil this butterfly on business cards, bulletin boards, a white background and more. It’s the perfect butterfly shape for any of your butterfly needs.


Detailed Butterfly Template

I love the detail in this flying butterfly outline. It brings out the creases and movement of the butterfly wings as it is in flight. This is the perfect stencil butterfly for all of your crafting and artistic needs. It’s made with great line art and movement. Add some clouds or wildflowers in the background for some added design elements.


Cute Butterfly Templates

These small butterfly templates are each unique in their own way. Some have dots, others have incomplete lines, but they all have character. Choose one that speaks to you and decorate it any way you would like. Use them for inspiration with tattoos, art details, doodles, and more. Each has a similar base but a different wing shape and line art, making them super fun to work with. You could even just color them in with crayons or markers.


Adorable Butterfly Designs

Each of these four butterfly designs has its own unique characteristics. The differences in circles, lines, and wing shapes make each one beautiful in its own way. Use each butterfly design to create lovely works of art, doodles, and creations. Color in your white butterfly with all sorts of colors for spring and the changing seasons.


Simple Butterfly Outlines

For a simple feel to your butterflies, try one of these 9 butterfly templates. Their wings have a white background, leaving plenty of space for creativity and coloring. I like to use images like this as a base to my coloring and doodle inspirations. They are a great place to start and leave plenty of room for unique additions.


Butterfly Coloring Page

This beautifully designed butterfly coloring page has tons of intricate lines all over the wings. Print it on high quality paper, color it any way you’d like, and then hang it up in your favorite space. The finished butterfly will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it. This abstract butterfly can be used for a wide variety of projects by beginning and talented artists.


What to Use a Butterfly Outline For

A butterfly outline or template can be used in so many ways. These butterfly printables can be used as coloring pages for kids, inspiration for tattoos, vectors for heat transfer on t-shirts and fabrics, business card inspiration, greeting card decor, decorations for party supplies, and tons more.

I hope you enjoy these butterfly outline images and can find a use for each and every one of them. For more drawing ideas, check out How to Draw a Rose, How to Draw a Cat, How to Draw a Bunny, and Cute Things to Draw, plus plenty of others on my website!

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