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Easy Abstract Art Project Tutorial

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Easy Abstract Art Project completed example - there is a multicolored heart with abstract designs on top

I love easy abstract art projects that are not complicated and can be completed in 20 minutes or less. This abstract painted heart project fits that exact criteria and is a great craft for kids or adults! See below for the supply list and completed directions on how to make this unique piece of art.

Easy Abstract Art Project Tutorial

You can totally customize this project to fit almost any theme or style just by changing up the colors. I think it would also be a fun craft idea for tweens and teens to get creative – especially at parties or community programs geared to that age.

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Supplies for Easy Abstract Art

How to Make Easy Abstract Art – Step by Step

    1. Start by adding several shades of acrylic paint in blues and greenish-blue tones as well as white to the wooden heart.
    2. Use a flat paint brush to blend the colors and wait several minutes to dry.
    3. Add some partial, overlapping heart shaped lines in different colors. It’s okay if the colors mix together slightly as this helps add to the coloration and texture. Once it’s to your liking, let it dry before you add the details.
    4. Add details in white with a paint brush. Lines, dots and x’s work well.
    5. Add additional details using the gold glitter dimensional paint. This will give your final piece even more texture and depth.

Step by step directions for making the heart. It starts with a bunch of paint blobs on the wood. Then the base layer is panted by dragging those colors across. The paint is then blended to cover the entire wooden heart, and finally more colors are added on top to make a design.This is the second tutorial picture. First, light colors are being added to give the heart more color and shape. Then dark colors are added. Finally designs are added on top first with white paint and then dimensional paint.

Tips to Make Your Art Even Better

  • Use a good quality paint brush for the detail work if you want to make more intricate designs
  • Experiment with different color combinations and designs
  • Don’t mix the colors up too much or they’ll turn brown
  • Let the paint dry before adding the fine details if you don’t want it to blend

I hope you are feeling inspired to make your own abstract art! I’d love to see what you create. Come show me on Instagram @Colormadehappy or Facebook!

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