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Cute Bunny Craft

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I  promise you this bunny craft will be a crowd pleaser. As you know bunny crafts are perfect for Easter and this spring craft DIY is sure to make kids of all ages and even adults smile. You may have seen this easter bunny craft before using everything from puff balls to easter eggs, but have you ever seen it done with a bunny painted rock?

The best part about making this cute bunny butt craft is that in the end you have adorable easter decorations that would also be wonderful to give as easter gifts. I really enjoyed making these cute bunny planters with my son and we both had a great time coming up with fun ideas for our flower pots.

Bunny Craft example - there are two finished products showing upside bunnies stuck in flower pots with decorations around them

Bunny Craft Supplies 

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

Bunny Craft example with a rainbow and chick
Step-by-Step Directions for Making This Easy Easter Bunny Craft

1. Find the Perfect Rock

First you’ll need to pick out a small round rock. Lighter colors work better for painting.

Round rock that could be used to make this craft

2. Paint the Rock

Start by painting your entire rock with acrylic paint or paint pens. If your rock is too dark for the light color try adding a base coat of white first. Let it dry, then add your color on top. I used a light pink but your bunny can be any color.

Painting the rock one solid color

3.  Add Glitter Paint

Cover your painted rock with glitterific paint (this paint also acts as a glue making it easy to add the bunny tail and paws so don’t let it dry).

Covering the rock with glitter paint

4. Glue on the Bunny’s Details

Using scissors, cut out little bunny paws from white paper and add them to your rock. Add a pom pom for the bunny tail. If you didn’t use the glitter paint you’ll need to glue them on, but otherwise they should stick. 

Adding the bunny tail and feet to the rock

5. Add Grass

Put some paper grass or pom poms into your flower pot for the grass. You can make it yourself by cutting strips of green paper and folding it.

Filling the flower pot with fake grass

6. Finishing Touches

Add charms and embellishments to your flower pot grass. You can get these at the dollar store, craft store, or make your own. 

Flower pot with grass and a few accessories like a chick, rainbow, and carrot

7. Add the Bunny

Finally add your bunny painted rock. It’s just rested on top of the grass.

Bunny Craft completed

Easy DIY Easter Bunny Craft – Quick Step by Step

  1. Start with a small round rock.
  2. Paint the entire rock a solid color.
    1. Optional: Paint the flower pot.
  3. Cover the rock with glitter paint.
  4. Using the glitter paint as glue, add a pom pom tail and feet cut from construction paper.
  5. Fill the pot with fake grass.
  6. Add accessories and decorations.
  7. Put the bunny back inside the pot.

Hiding candy inside the flower pot

Some Helpful Q&A:

What else can I add to the bunny flower pot?

If you don’t have fake grass or poms for the grass in the flower pot you could also use air-dry clay as an alternative. Besides the grass, charms and embellishments, you could also add candy to your flower pot. My son made a small hole in his flower pot grass and added some candy. You could also make some miniature easter eggs or even a little sign that sticks out of the grass that says springtime or carrots.

Bunny craft with a candy theme

Can I decorate the outside of my bunny craft flower pot?

Yes! The outside of the flower pot can be easily painted using acrylic paint or puffy paint for colorful designs. For younger kids like preschoolers and toddlers, they may have fun adding stickers to the flower pot. If you want to turn your flower pots into easter baskets, just add a cut piece of cardstock for the basket handle or twist together pipe cleaners as another basket handle option. 

Is This a Good Easter Bunny Craft for Kids?

Yes! This bunny craft would be great for kids to do or as a cute DIY Easter gift idea for kids. Toddlers or preschoolers can paint the rock and help add the decorations, while older kids can do this whole craft on their own. Another fun idea is to have kids make this as a gift idea for grandparents.

Other Easter Crafts 

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If you love rabbits and bunny craft ideas, this is the perfect fun activity to get you in the Easter spirit. And you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this craft. Grab the entire family and create together or gather friends for a crafting easter party to create this cute easter gift. 

I’d love to see your finished bunny planters. Come share with me on social media @colormadehappy.com. 

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