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Pandacorn Unicorn Mason Jar Craft

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Panda Unicorn Mason Jar CraftIt’s no secret that unicorns are very trendy which means there are a ton of DIY unicorn crafts out there. That’s why I thought it would be fun to put a creative twist on the whole unicorn mania and create this pandacorn unicorn mason jar craft. I mean can you get any cuter or more magical than combining a panda with a unicorn? And if you didn’t already know, I’m a big fan mason jar crafts: rainbow fruit mason jars, glitter mason jars, animal mason jars and doodle mason jars. Pandacorn Unicorn Mason Jar Craft

Watch the video first and then see the supply list and step-by-step directions below:

Pandacorn Unicorn Mason Jar Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Pandacorn Unicorn Mason Jar Directions

  1. Place mason jars mouth down on top of a piece of cardboard and spray evenly with a the flat white primer. Since this is a paint and primer in one you don’t need to paint white over it after. Panda Unicorn Mason Jar Craft
  2. Lightly draw the eyes, nose and mouth using a pencil.
  3. Fill in the outline with the paint markers. Note: Make sure to let the black dry before you add the white of the eyes. Panda Unicorn Mason Jar CraftPanda Unicorn Mason Jar CraftPanda Unicorn Mason Jar Craft
  4. Cut out black ears from the cardstock and glue to the mason jar. Panda Unicorn Mason Jar Craft
  5. Cut a long triangle from the glitter cardstock for the horn and glue to the jar. Panda Unicorn Mason Jar Craft
  6. Finally, cover the ears and the horn with flower embellishmentsPanda Unicorn Mason Jar Craft

What do you think…will pandacorns become the new unicorns? Would love to see your finished pandacorn unicorn mason jars. Come share pictures of your project on my Instagram page or Facebook page . I love sharing projects that were inspired by my tutorials with my followers.

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Panda Unicorn Mason Jar Craft

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Pandacorn Unicorn Mason Jars

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