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Melted Crayon Art Jewelry – Turn crayons into jewelry

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How to Make Jewelry with Melted CrayonsI’ve seen so many fun melted crayon art projects that I wanted to take that same concept and turn it into melted crayon art jewelry. This project is great for all ages. My 9 year old son even enjoyed making his own pieces and watching the crayons melt. See below for tips on how to make this melted crayon art project and the exact supplies you’ll need.

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Melted Crayon Jewelry

Supplies for Melted Crayon Jewelry (affiliate links provided for convenience)


1 . Start by cutting your crayons with scissors. You could also use a cheese grater. I did several colors at once so I had plenty to select from. 2. Next add the small crayon pieces to a pendant one color at a time. I just used my fingers and then moved the pieces with a toothpick. You could also use tweezers. NOTE: Try to choose colors that will melt well together. I like to line my colors up instead of just sprinkling them in randomly.

3. On a surface away from any other crayon pieces, put your pendant down and use a heat tool to melt the crayon. NOTE: You’ll need the heat gun to be directly above the pendant pointing down, about 12 inches away. If you get too close, the pieces of crayon will fly off the pendant. 

4. Once the colors have melted, you can use a toothpick to move them around. Be careful to not touch the pendant with your hands as it will still be hot from the heat gun. If there are colors melted on the outside of the pendant you can scratch them off once it’s dry.

5. Once the crayon is completely dry, add the glass cabochon using a jewelry adhesive.

Melted Crayon Art Jewelry Melted Crayon Art Jewelry How to make melted crayon jewelry

See how easy it is to turn melted crayons into beautiful jewelry?

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