DIY Ice Cream Ornaments Christmas Craft

DIY Ice Cream Ornaments

I’m a HUGE fan of using mini flower pots for crafts and if you like these DIY ice cream ornaments you’ll love my cactus ornaments as well. These mini ice cream cone ornaments are adorable and you can have a

Easy Glitter Ornaments Christmas Craft

Easy Glitter Ornaments

I have a love hate relationship with glitter. I love the look of it and it’s an amazing craft material but it is absolutely no fun to clean-up. For this project I used a large foil type of glitter which

25 Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

25 Christmas rock painting ideas

Whether you’re new to rock painting or you’ve created lots of painted rocks, here are some great Christmas Rock Painting ideas to get you excited for the holidays. Holiday painted rocks are a great way to create a personalized handmade