DIY Fidget Spinner Colorful Designs

My six year-old has forgotten about his fidget spinner. It sits lonely and still on his bedroom dresser. I find myself spinning it each time I go into his room hoping to bring back the magic that was once there when he first received it. But no magic has returned. It still sits lonely. But I have an idea on how to bring the magic back…

Rock Painting – Four Creative Ideas & Supplies

I love rock painting and doodling on rocks! I’m actually obsessed with it. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I post pictures of my obsession quite often. When Faber-Castell USA asked if I wanted to try out some of their art supplies to see if they worked on rocks, I jumped at the chance.

Best Hand Lettering Supplies and Tips for Beginners

I’ve always wanted to learn how to hand letter and I actually follow quite a few hand lettering artists on Instagram. One of my favorite hand lettering artists I follow is Erin from @GoFontYourself and I’m excited to have her as a guest poster to tell you all about how to get started with hand lettering and the best hand lettering supplies for beginners. After reading Erin’s post, I’m definitely ready to start hand lettering myself.