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Cactus Easter Egg

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret…none of the Easter eggs I decorate are real eggs! While you can use any of my Easter egg decorating tutorials on real eggs, I much prefer to decorate faux Easter eggs so that I can enjoy them for years to come. Some of these Easter egg crafts are so cute that you’ll even want to display them when it’s not Easter (I have a few on display in my craft room)! I think this cactus easter egg craft in particular will be one that you could give as a gift or display on a shelf. And you can make it at any time, it doesn’t have to be Easter!Cactus Easter Egg

Cactus Easter Egg Supplies

How to make Cactus Easter Eggs

  1. First, start by painting your egg in a shade of green. If you’re using acrylic paint, a flat paint brush will work best to cover the egg in a smooth layer of paint. If you are using paint markers, I suggest using a medium sized tip.
  2. After your paint is completely, draw the face of the cactus using pencil first. To check if you like the placement of the face, add the egg to the flower pot to make sure it’s in a good spot. Once you like the placement of the eyes and mouth, use an extra fine paint pen or a small paint brush and black paint to add in the facial features. 
  3. Next, use pink paint or a paint pen to add pink cheeks.
  4. Add additional details like the white pupils, cactus needles and hands that are holding an Easter egg or anything you’d like.
  5. Add some glue to the inside of your flower pot and then place the egg inside.
  6. For a final touch, add a flower embellishment to the top of the cactus. If you don’t have any embellishments on hand you could always paint a flower on top or add one that you make out of paper.Cactus Easter egg

Now that you have an adorable cactus easter egg to enjoy you can have fun with more cactus designs. Try out different facial expression, accessories and embellishments. You could also paint the flower pot with a fun and colorful design. There are so many fun ways to create your own unique cactus egg design.

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Now that you know how easy it easy to make this creative Easter egg idea, you can make a bunch of cacti Easter eggs for friends and family. You could even host an craft party before the Easter egg hunt and have everyone make their own! I’d love to see what you create. Come share a pic with me on social media @colormadehappy.

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