Rolling Pin Stamps

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I’m on a stamping kick after having so much fun with our rock stamps. These rolling pin stamps might just be the coolest stamps ever (well at least Jake and I think so). The best part is that they are easy to make and you don’t have to ruin your rolling pin.
To start, cover your rolling pin with paper and make sure it is securely attached using tape.
Next comes the fun part, deciding which foam stickers you want to add. I was given a package of foam star stickers from Craftprojectideas.com that I thought would work perfectly. I wish I didn’t waste them though on this project because it turns out they are glow in the dark stickers. How cool is that? I didn’t realize this until I walked into my craft room late one night and saw that the rolling pin I covered in stars was aglow. I covered a second rolling pin in trains, planes, boats and automobiles for my transportation loving toddler. I found the transportation foam stickers at The Dollar Store.
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The great part about rolling pin stamps is that it’s a fun craft for kids and adults. This was the craft table set-up I put together for Jake. I thought it would be fun to stamp colored construction papers as well as a long sheet of craft paper. I set out a variety of acrylic paints because the more colors, the better! The baking sheet, covered with tin foil was a perfect place to mix our paint colors. We tried just rolling the pins directly in the paint but that didn’t evenly distribute the paint very well. Instead, what worked better was to use a foam paintbrush and apply the paint directly to the pin.
Here’s Jake in action. At 2 years old this was a perfect craft for him. He loved that he got to roll the pin back and forth.
Here are some finished papers. Aren’t they pretty? I think they would make for great wrapping paper or be perfect for a collage.
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Disclosure: As part of a free sample package sent from Craftprojectideas.com, we received the star foam stickers used in this project. 

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