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DIY Hand Painted Ornaments

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DIY Hand Painted Ornaments

I love making my own Christmas ornaments and it’s very easy to make your own DIY hand painted ornaments. This easy abstract painted ornament can be completed in as little as 5 minutes and it’s a great Christmas craft for kids or adults. See below the supplies I used and my tips and tricks for blending the colors together.

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DIY Hand Painted Ornaments

Supplies for DIY Hand Painted Ornaments

Directions and Tips for making DIY Painted Ornaments

  1. I like to apply the acrylic paint directly to the ornament before I start paint but this isn’t necessary. Another option is to apply the paint to a palette or paper plate before you start painting.

2. I start first by just blending the red and orange colors.

NOTE: Wipe off your brush before you move onto the yellow. I don’t clean it completely in water because I like dry bristles, but I do make sure I remove most of the prior paint colors using a towel.

NOTE: Sometimes I blend in a bit of white to add definition or to lighten the colors.

3. Next blend the yellow into the green shades and then wipe off your brush.

4. Blend the blues into the purple. NOTE: add bits of white wherever you’d like to change up the color a bit.

5. Next blend the purple in the pink.  

6. Once I went all the way around the ornament once, I went around one more time with just my brush smoothing out the blending and wiping it clean when I needed so that the colors didn’t overlap too much.

7. I didn’t seal my finished design but you can if you like. I’d recommend this glossy spray sealant.

DIY Hand Painted Ornaments

I would love to see your version of this DIY Painted ornament. Come share with me a picture of your finished rock on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

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