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Easy No Sew DIY Toy Donuts

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We made these easy DIY toy donuts for Jake’s birthday party a few years ago! Since he loved treats and his favorite letter was “o”, we decided to have a donut party.

Easy DIY Toy Donuts for Kids

Aren’t they cute? Believe or not, they’re actually really easy to make. The best part is that they’re no sew, so you don’t need to be great at stitching to create super cute handmade donuts for your kids.
Homemade DIY toy donuts on a tray

When I came across a post on Inner Child Fun for donuts from dollar store socks, I immediately thought they would be great party favors. Not only are these faux donuts inexpensive to make (about $0.60 per donut), they are also super easy. I made 3 donuts in about 20 minutes.

Supplies to Make These Pretend Play Toy Donuts

  • Men’s Long Socks (purchased mine at Dollar Tree). Brown or tan would work well.
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Puffy paint

Step 1: Cut the toe off the sock

If your sock is pretty tight at the top you might want to cut the top off as well or else you might end up with a sock cupcake like I did on my first try. See the results at the bottom of the post.
dollar store sock for play donut

Step 2: Roll the sock to create a donut shape. 

Make sure your roll it nice and tight so it doesn’t unravel.
Roll dollar store sock to create play food donut

Step 3. Cut icing out of felt and hot glue it onto your sock donut.

An easy way to measure is by setting the sock donut on top of the felt and drawing an outline. Then you know to cut smaller!

Getting ready to glue our homemade toy donuts

Step 4 . Add Decorations.

Use puffy paint to sprinkle your play food donuts and make them look pretty!
Glueing the icing on the DIY toy donuts

DIY Toy Donuts for Kids – Quick Step by Step

  1. Cut the toe off the sock and remove any tight elastic.
  2. Tightly roll the sock into a donut shape.
  3. Make icing out of felt and hot glue it on top.
  4. Add sprinkles and other decorations with puffy paint.

Make a Cute Sock Cupcake Toy Instead

Remember how I said in step one that if you have a sock with tight elastic at the top you might also need to cut off the top. Well, here’s what happens when you don’t. You get a donut that looks more like a cupcake.
So you just add a candle and now you have a play food cupcake for the birthday boy!
Cute DIY cupcake play food
What did you think of these toy donuts? They look good enough to eat!

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