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Halloween Flower Pot Craft Idea

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Flower pots might be my new favorite craft supply! If you love flower pot crafts too, check out some of my others: sugar skull flower pots and my scarecrow flower pots. To round out my fall themed flower terracotta pot crafts it’s only natural that I create a Halloween flower pot craft.

Make These Terracotta Flower Pot Halloween Crafts

These little pots are super easy and fun to make plus there’s a ton of possibilities. Fill them with candy corn, mini halloween treats or succulents or you can just leave them as is and set them out for fun Halloween decor.

Completed example of our Halloween Flower Pot Craft - there are 5 different designs

Halloween Flower Pot Craft Supplies

See the video on how to make your own Halloween Flower Pots and then see the step-by-step directions below:

Close up of our flower pot Halloween characters

Painted Halloween Flower Pot Craft Directions

  1. Start by painting your terra cotta pots with acrylic paint.

Painted mini clay flower pots

2. Add face details using paint pens.

Adding cheeks with a paint marker to a candy corn design that's painted on a terracotta flower pot

3. For the white details like the inside of the eyes and details on the cat, use the uni-ball white gel pen.

Painting technique for Frankenstein on a terracotta flower pot - use a paint maker to create eyes

4. If you want to seal the finished Halloween flower pots, this sealant will give a nice glossy finish.

More Clay Pot Painting Ideas for Halloween

If you’re looking for Halloween themed painted inspiration to try on your clay pots, here’s some close ups of the ones I made. They turned out so cute, and they’re super easy to DIY even if you’re a beginner.

Mini Terracotta Pot Painted Ghost

Paint the whole pot white then add the little ghost face with black. I thought the pink cheeks added a cute touch!

Cute ghost painted on a clay pot

Black Cat Terracotta Pot Craft

I did this black cat by painting the entire terracotta pot black with craft paint. Then I used a paint pen to add the details.

Black cat flower pot design

Pumpkin Mini Candy Dish Made From a Flower Pot

Can’t have Halloween without pumpkins! And it’s one of the easiest designs to paint on a flower pot. Just paint the pot orange, then draw on the cute pumpkin face!  Try making multiple pumpkins with different faces then filling them with candy corn for a cute Halloween decoration idea or school craft.

Pumpkin painted on a mini flower pot as an example candy holder craft for Halloween

Frankenstein Monster Flower Pot Painting Tips

Pictured above. First paint the whole flower pot green, then add on the black details. Once they dry you can paint in the white for the eyes without smudging.

Cute Candy Corn Clay Pot Tips

Pictured above. This one can be tricky because of the three colors. If you want perfect lines, paint one color at a time and use painter’s tape to tape off a straight line. Or just free hand it like I did – I think imperfect craft projects add to the homemade charm.


Halloween Flower Pot Craft Tutorial

Feeling inspired to create your own Halloween flower pots? I’d love to see what you come up with. Come share with me a picture on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

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