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Painted Rock Ideas – Back to School Rocks

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School Supplies Painted Rock Ideas

These ideas for back to school painted rocks are the perfect gift for a new teacher. They are also wonderful to hide as kindness rocks around schools or town.

And if you want a cute way to give them as a gift, make one of these school supplies mason jars to put them in. These school painted rocks are sure to bring lots of smiles. The best part is that they are fun an easy to make. See below for the best rock painting supplies and learn how to create these school supplies rocks.

Back to School Painted Rock Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

How to Make School Supplies Painted Rocks – Step by Step Directions

Prime the Rocks

Cover your rocks in white acrylic paint or use this white spray primer + paint. NOTE: I left the art palette rock with a rock background.

Priming rocks white before painting

Add the Main Color

Paint the main color details on the rock with acrylic paint. Adding the main colors to our School Supplies Painted Rocks

Paint a Notebook Rock

For the notebook, add paint splotches all over the rock using a paintbrush and white acrylic paint.

School Notebook Painted Rock

Add Details

Add color details using paint pens.



Paper painted rock idea

Elmer’s Glue Painted Rock

To paint the Elmer’s glue school glue themed painted rock I painted the main colors then added the details with a paint marker. The glue bottle was great for inspiration!

Elmer's glue painted rock inspiration

Add Letters

Add lettering and extra fine details using a black liner pen like I did for this pink eraser rock.

Making a pink eraser painted rock

Crayon Painted Rock

Crayon rocks are really easy back to school painted rock ideas – you can make them in any color you like! I painted the stripes first in light purple, dark purple, and black. Then once they were dry I added the squiggly stripe over the black and the crayon name with a marker.

Purple crayon painted rock

No. 2 Pencil Back to School Rock Idea

To paint a number 2 pencil rock I used a brush for the main areas. The metal band is actually done with metallic paint to get that shiny look. For the details, a fine black marker makes it easy to outline the top of the pencil and add the “no. 1” to the middle.

Pencil painted rock for back to school

Art Pallet Painted Rock

This is the only rock I didn’t paint a base coat on. Instead, I used paint markers to draw in all the color blotches. Once you have your brush and paint drawn in, use a marker to outline your designs.

Art themed rock painting idea

Seal the Rocks

Once your rocks are dry, you can add a sealant to help protect them from the elements. I like this glossy option and this matte sealant spray.

Rock Painting Ideas for Teachers

School Supplies Painted Rocks for back to school

I would love to see your version of these school supplies painted rocks. Come share with me a picture of your finished rocks on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

Back to school painted rocks tutorial

If you like this tutorial, you can find over 30 other rock art tutorials featuring dot painting, marbling, embellishments, and much more in my book, Rock Art Handbook. You can also find more rock painting tutorials right here.

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