The Best Glitter Paint for Art and Craft Projects

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Plaid. All opinions are 100% my own. Do you love the idea of glitter but don’t want to worry about the mess and stress of using glitter and then having to clean it up? Plaid has an amazing new glitter paint, Folkart Giltterific Pop paint,  that is perfect for any crafts that needs a little glittery shine.

Glitter Paint Project Ideas

I was lucky enough to test out Folkart Giltterific Pop paint and see how it works on different surfaces and projects. See below for my full review and get some project inspiration ideas for how you can use this fun paint.

Glitter paint on wood cutout

Folkart Glitterific Pop Paint

Folkart Giltterific Pop is an acrylic paint that contains holographic glitter flakes in a milky base coverage that dries clear. The paint comes in a variety of glitter colors, making it easy to find the perfect glitter accent for projects. One of my favorite things about this glitter acrylic paint was the variety of the multi-sized iridescent glitter in each container. This was different from other glitter craft paints and glitter glues that  typically only contain a single glitter size.

Folkart Glitterific POP Acrylic Paint

Glitter Paint Colors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to apply Folkart Glitterific Pop glitter paint?

Apply the glitter acrylic paint directly to any surface that you’re working with using a paint brush. For larger surfaces, a flat head paint brush makes it easy to evenly distribute the glaze over the area you are painting. Apply multiple layers for a thicker, more multi-dimensional shimmer.  For a completely covered glitter look you’ll need to apply 4-5 layers. I found that it is easiest to apply over a painted surface. I  really loved the look of the glitter paint over vibrant acrylic colors.

What type of glitter is in the paint?

In the paint there’s a variety of different-sized glitter, from fine and medium pieces to larger, hexagon glitter. I really love that it is easy to move the large pieces of glitter around to the areas I wanted before the paint dried. This was great for projects that had a smaller coverage area where I just wanted to add a touch of glitter.

Variety of glitter sizes in glitter paint

What surfaces can the paint be used on?

This sparkle paint can be applied to just about any surface. I tried it on wood, ceramic, terracotta, and canvas fabric. The paint would also be wonderful for painted rocks, glass, shells, paper, metal and more. It was much easier to use this paint for added shine versus using craft glitter that is always difficult to use and clean up. I really loved how it looked over painted, vibrant colors.

Glitter paint on canvas fabric

Glitter paint on ceramic ring dish

What is the dry time?

I found that it took on average between 20-30+ minutes for the paint to dry. If you want full coverage with no surface background showing through, you’ll want to apply 4-5+ layers of Folkart Giltterific Pop paint.

Can I seal the paint?

Mod Podge is a great option as a sealer for your finished craft projects. You can use the brush on Mod Podge or the Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer.


It’s now easier than ever to add a layer of glitter to your craft projects. Whether you want to add a sprinkle of glitter to a small area or cover larger areas with a shimmering surface, Glitterific Pop acrylic paint is definitely something  you’ll want to add to your craft supplies collection.

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