A Fun Color Matching Game

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I’ve been brainstorming about what to do with the 100 wooden toy wheels I have lying around. I seem to have a habit of collecting supplies for projects that I never end up completing (I was originally going to paint the wheels to look like donuts for Jake’s birthday party). Since Jake is car obsessed and I’ve been meaning to find a way to teach colors, I thought why not create a color matching wheel game. Here’s the best part…this toddler activity is cheap and easy!

Step 1: Look for all the colors in your stash of paint chips or collect a few new ones (FREE is cheap)!

Step 2: Draw a car, truck, bike or anything with wheels onto your paint chips. I lucked out and happened to have a car puzzle piece that I just traced, but you could also look online for some free clipart. Outline your drawing with a pen. I used a silver Sharpie.

Step 3: Paint your wooden wheels with acrylic paint. I only did one coat because I have no patience but if you’re really crazy you could do 2 coats of paint and finish it off with a varnish. The picture above was how I let my wheels dry. This image and step really isn’t necessary, I just thought it looked pretty!

Step 4: You have now have 2 options for your rainbow color game. You could glue the paint chips to a board and have a stay at home game. Or, you could hole punch the paint chips, add a ribbon or book ring and create a color book you can take to the restaurant. Add a little bag and now you can bring the wheels too!
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  1. So sorry – tried to email you but you had a no-reply blogger email. Hope you come back to see that I got the wheels from here http://www.craftparts.com/114-716-wooden-toy-wheels-recessed-hub-p-3756.html?cat_id=189. And the bags are from Paper Source http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/item/Muslin-Bags/3650_042/49683501.html?gclid=CPH6jeaDw7YCFWKCQgode0YAig. You can also find other muslin bags on Amazon or Etsy. Hope this helps!

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