Turn a Cardboard Box into a Train & Car Tunnel

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The fastest way to a little boy’s heart is through a cardboard tunnel! Jake is only 2 and has already amassed quite a collection of trains, hot wheels and matchbox cars. His collection usually rolls along our living room couch, windowsills, counters, chairs, tiles, etc. I remembered pinning this fun tunnel from Celebrate Every Day With Me, when Jake was just 6 months old and had already developed a love for anything with wheels. I had a feeling that I would be putting that pin to use one day.

Turn a cardboard box into a fun train and car tunnel toy

This project is super easy and cheap. I started with an empty Huggies diaper box because it was the perfect size and we have lots of them. You don’t want a box that’s too big or else the cars and trains might get lost inside.

Since the box had graphics on the outside, I used this wrapping paper from Paper-Source around the entire box to create a blank canvas. (Sort of funny I wrapped my cardboard box to make it look like a cardboard box). Raid you stash of paper scraps to dress up your box with tracks and roads. I happened to have this fun paper that already looked like tracks.

Every tunnel of course needs another tunnel on top, complete with helicopter landing pad. I made mine using a piece of folded cardboard and an empty ribbon roll.
Here’s what it looks like when your helicopter and planes are coming in for a landing.


Since we are in quite the learning phase right now, I added some of Jake’s favorite things: letters, numbers and colors. The numbers and letters are just foam stickers from the Dollar Store and the cars are from this clipart I found online.
I think the alphabet tree is my favorite part of the box. Wouldn’t that be fun to do on a playroom wall (hmm, maybe a new project idea?).
And because sometimes projects look great online but you don’t always know how they are in practice, here are some pics of Jake in action with his new super, duper tunnel.
Here comes Thomas chugging through the felt covered tunnel. I think it’s official…Jake loves his new cardboard box!
Have you made any fun toys out of cardboard boxes?
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