How to Make Pressed Flower Jars

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Pressed flower jars are a beautiful and easy DIY craft. Learn how to create your own unique flower jar with this step-by-step tutorial.

My secret weapon when creating a pressed flower craft is to purchase pressed flowers on Amazon or Etsy! This will give you a ton of color options and cut down on the time it takes to complete this easy craft. Under supplies you will find links to dried flowers that I’ve purchased online.

If you want to press your own flowers, see my tutorial on how to press flowers and learn four different ways to press flowers.

Pressed Flower Jar


Instructions for Pressed Flower Jars

Step 1. Firstly, start by cleaning the jar and removing any residue. Lay out the flowers in front of you so you can clearly see all the options.

Step 2. Cut a heart shape out of paper and trace the outline onto the jar using a paint pen or chalk marker.

Step 3. Next, start in a small area and add Mod Podge to the jar using a paintbrush.

Step 4. Add a few flowers at a time. Slightly layer the flowers by adding Mod Podge on top of the flower you’re layering.

Step 5. Add more flowers to the inside of the heart outline until it is filled.

Step 6. Go back and fill in the small areas that are still uncovered by cutting small pieces from flowers. This will help you fill the areas on the perimeter of the heart design.

Step 7. After the heart is completely filled, apply another thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire heart.

Step 8. Finally, once your heart shape is filled, add an outline of rhinestones around the heart shape. Be sure to add only a small amount of glue at a time as you work your way around the heart.

Step 9. Enjoy your new dried flower jar!

How to customize your pressed flower jar

  • Try different shape outlines like a crescent moon, triangle, oval or a letter.
  • Use different colored rhinestones around the outside of your shape or within the actual shape.
  • Scatter flowers round the jar instead of just creating a shape.
  • Add flowers and then paint the stems onto the jar using acrylic paint.
  • Start with a colored jar instead of clear.
  • Select just one color of dried flowers and use different hues of that color.
  • Loop ribbon or a piece of twine around the neck of the jar.

What can you do with pressed flowers jars?

  1. Add candles or tea lights to the inside of the jar to make pressed flower lanterns.
  2. Use mini lights to turn the jars into fairy jars and pretty luminaries.
  3. Add a small bouquet of flowers and turn in into the perfect gift.
  4. Make a variety of jars and use as lovely table decoration.
  5. Add them as decor for a rustic wedding.
  6. Use the jars to hold pens and pencils.

In conclusion, this beautiful DIY is a wonderful way to turn nature into art that can be used as home decor or given away as a gorgeous gift.

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