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Painted Rock People Family Portrait

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Painted Rock People Family PortraitSome people hate the idea of having to take a family picture for holiday cards so I came up with this painted rock portrait idea for a fun crafty replacement, but really this is such a cute rock craft project that could be done any time of year. Painted rock people are so fun and easy to make and it’s easy to add personal touches and details to your painted rocks. Take a photo of your finished rocks and upload it to a holiday card and voila…a fun family pic without having to worry about all the details.

Painted Rock People Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Painted Rock People Directions

  • Pick out a head and body rock for each person. It’s okay if the rocks are all different sizes and shapes…it will actually make it more interesting.   \
  • Paint the main parts of the body using acrylic paint. 
  • Add details to each painted rock using paint markers. I did the face details with this size small black fine liner penPainted Rock People SuppliesPainted Rock People
  • Don’t forget your family pet if you have one!  
  • Using a paint pen, add your family name and any other details and designs. 
  • If you want to seal your rocks, do so before you add them to your wood slice. I like this glossy option and this matte sealant spray.
  • Add your finished family painted rocks to the wood slice using strong glue. I like this E6000 glue for attaching heavy rocks to other materials. Painted Rock People Family Portrait

If you want to use your finished project for your Christmas card, simple snap a pic of your project on top of a white background. I like to use the giant white foam boards from the craft store. Make sure to take your picture near natural light. You can use editing apps like VSCO and A Color Story to edit the brightness and colors in your final picture.

If you like this rock painting idea, check out my book, The Rock Art Handbook that has over 30 rock art tutorials and all kinds of tips and tricks for decorating rocks. You can also check out the ROCKS section on my blog for more fun idea. Rock Art Handbook - A complete guide to painting and decorating rocks


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