Easy Cricut Joy Keychain Project

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Cricut Joy Easy Keychain ProjectI had no idea just how easy the Circuit Joy was to use until now. For some reason in my mind I thought that it would be much more complicated but it literally took me just a few minutes to plug it in, set-up the app on my phone and start making cut vinyl  for a project. See below for the exact products I used and how I made this easy Cricut Joy keychain project. This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated if you make a purchase through my link. See full disclosure here. Cricut provided me with product but did not ask that I make a post, this post is fully my own opinion and experience with the product.

Supplies for Easy Cricut Joy Keychain Project


  1. Start by finding the design you want to use on your Cricut Joy. I did this ALL from my phone. 
  2. I wanted to remove some the smaller parts of the butterfly I selected so I used the hide contour action to remove the very tiny cuts.
  3. Size the image to fit you keychain and hit print. Before you remove the image from the vinyl, you’ll want to paint your keychain blank.
  4. NOTE: When I first saw the keychain blanks I didn’t realize they had a protective coating on them. Be sure to remove the coating sticker. This Cricut weeder tool was actually very helpful to remove the protective film.
  5. I painted several different versions of the keychain but my favorite was the dotted keychain. Start by adding dots in acrylic paint use a dotting tool. Add as many dots and colors that you like.
  6. Once dry, flip your keychain blank over and this is the side where you’ll place your vinyl cut-out.
  7. Remove the printed vinyl image using your Cricut weeder tool.
  8. Place the vinyl image onto the “non-painted” side of the keychain blank. 
  9. Add the keychain ring and tassel. This all came with the blanks as part of this keychain set.
  10. I didn’t seal the side of the keychain with the vinyl but I did seal the painted side with Mod Podge. You could even seal the vinyl if you’d like with the Mod Podge.

I wish I could scream it even louder that the Cricut Joy is SO EASY to use. I can’t believe I’ve gone so many years crafting without it. This opens up a whole new world of projects that I can make besides just keychains. Looking forward to using the Cricut for card making. Make sure you are following along with my on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok see more colorful and crafty projects.

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