30+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind

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Is pumpkin carving not your thing? Pumpkin painting is the best, no-carve way to get artsy with your pumpkins. Use a combination of intricate designs and simple pumpkin painting ideas to decorate your home and front porch.

Pumpkin Painting Ideas

To help inspire you, I have created an extensive list of fun DIY pumpkin painting ideas that you can use this year and for years to come. Keep reading and check out some of the fabulous ideas.

How to Paint Pumpkins

Depending on the project you choose, you will need some of the supplies below.


The Best Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Here are some of the most beautiful and creative painting ideas from across the the internet! From colorful and and happy to trendy and spooky, there’s a pumpkin painting idea for everyone! Take a look and get some inspiration to start painting your own pumpkins.

Desert Vibes Landscape

A beautiful way to decorate pumpkins in the fall is to paint a scenic landscape pumpkin. This creator used craft paint in warm colors with shades of dark paint to light to show off the desert oasis.

desert landscape painted pumpkin
Image Source: @wethedreamers

Animal Print Pumpkins

Animal prints are all the rage! Use cheetah, leopard, and zebra prints to make a modern yet festive feel for the fall. These are nice additions to the front porch or to your home decor.

Animal Print Pumpkins
Image Source: @_laura_prietto

Pretty Pastel Pumpkins

You don’t often see pumpkins in pretty pastel shades, so this will add a unique touch to your pumpkin designs. All you need are some brightly colored pastel paints and a good craft pumpkin or two. Paint a real pumpkin or one from the craft store and hang onto it for years.

colorful painted pumpkins
Source: @kailochic

SpongeBob Pumpkins

Everyone loves SpongeBob Squarepants! Don’t limit your halloween painting to just pumpkins. Gourds are perfect for painting too. Add these cute Halloween decorations to your collection. Trick-or-treaters will enjoy seeing them posted on your front porch. They may take some attention to detail and lots of colors, but they are well worth it.

Spongebob Pumpkins
Image Source: @creativity_for_days

Cute Donuts

Grab your favorite paint shades and make your little pumpkins look like delicious pumpkin donuts! You can even turn your pumpkins into cute panda pumpkins and cat pumpkins. Decorate fine details with real sprinkles and treats on the top. This is a fun way to combine fall and sugar!

Donuts Pumpkins
Image Source: @californiadonuts

Easy Pumpkin Painting Idea

Simple painted pumpkin idea
Image Source: @imdeztinee

This simple painting idea lets you get crafty with a paint pen. All you need are some smooth pumpkins and a white (or black pen). Add leafy designs, small dots, flowers, or paisleys. The possibilities are endless.

Metallic Pumpkins

There’s something so classy about these metallic painted pumpkins. Add paint to a real or faux pumpkin and decorate your modern-themed home. These give the space a classy look and a fun twist on fall.

metallic pumpkins
Image Source: @stonegable_blog

Pattern Pumpkin

A super fun way to spice up your Halloween decorations is to add a print or pattern to the pumpkin. It may seem difficult but just grab a pain pen and start creating any type of lines. Continue those lines around the pumping, add dots, and a variety of squiggles and you have a masterpiece. Pumpkins with patterns

Image Source: @kristineslashbar

Classic Halloween Designs

Everyone loves classic Halloween decor, so you can’t go wrong by painting your pumpkins with spooky themes. Use your artistic skills to decorate the entire pumpkin to look like a cat or a spider webs full of 8-legged creatures. These are fun for kids to create as well.

Black cat pumpkin and spider web pumpkin painting ideas
Image Source: @Art101usa

Polka Dots

If you are trying to think of cute pumpkin painting ideas, these polka dots wont disappoint. Use a paintbrush and add the dots directly onto your pumpkins or use black spray paint to coat them first. Then, cover them in white dots, or vice versa! Even young kids can help to make these easy polka dot pumpkins.

polka dot pumpkins
Image Source: @yvonneellen

Gingham and Monogrammed Pumpkins

These gingham and monogrammed pumpkins are perfect for ceramic or plastic pumpkins. Decorate them to match your home decor and save them for years to come. Don’t forget to coat them with Modge Podge or a clear coating to help them withstand storage over the years.

blue gingham pumpkins
Image Source: @forpetessakepottery

Monster Eye Painted Pumpkins

If you love spooky at Halloween time, you will enjoy creating your own monster eye painted pumpkin. Simply paint your pumpkins white, and then use a steady hand to decorate the irises and pupils in different colors. It’s the perfect time of year to unleash the spookiness.

Monster eye pumpkins
Image Source: @roamingnola

Simple Pumpkin Painting Idea

Pumpkin painting doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. This creator simply painted their pumpkins white and added pastel acrylic craft paints on top. A gold metallic paint was used for the stem.

Pumpkin Painting Ideas
Image Source: @melanielissackinteriors

Blue Painted Pumpkins

These blue pumpkins are extremely cute and I love the leopard and gingham prints. They are a fun modern take on the classic pumpkin. For best results, use some painter’s tape to get your lines as straight as possible on a gingham print.

Blue painted pumpkins
Image Source: @madebymolliesmom

Floral Pumpkins

Add some beautiful rosettes to the surface of your pumpkin and you get a nice springy look that’s great all year round! Make the flowers match your color scheme by playing with the paint colors you use.

Floral pumpkin painting design
Image Source: @abstractsbyadrienne

Pretty in Pink Pumpkins

pink pumpkins painted with flowers and flamingos
Image Source: @natashaloveslilly

Pink is the new orange when it comes to pumpkins.. Just use a variety of pink and white acrylic paint to decorate them.

Bird Pumpkin

This painting technique turns an ordinary pumpkin into a piece of art. It’s the perfect pumpkin to have on display all year long. Use fall colors to make it more festive.

Painted pumpkin with bird design
Image Source: @katiehermanart

Abstract Painted Pumpkin

Abstract confetti pumpkins
Image Source: @emilynichols.art

Create a fun abstract painting on your pumpkin using a variety of colors and paint brush sizes. It’s a super easy way to paint pumpkins of all sizes. This artist added flecks of paint as small details. You could also add glitter for added shine and dimension.

Night Sky Halloween Decor

This night sky pumpkin is the perfect piece of fall decor for any home. The dark pumpkin would make a beautiful centerpiece for a dining room table. The creator used a combination of black paint, white paint and metallics for a fun and festive vibe.

Moon and sky painted pumpkin
Image Source: @oktoberdots

Creative Halloween Pumpkins

Decorate your mini pumpkins with a variety of Halloween and fall images. Use ghosts, spiders, bats, jack-o-lanters, and spooky sayings. Then, display them around the house, on the party table or at your front door!

Image Source: @x_and_co

Dog Pumpkin

If you have a dog or love dogs, test your hand at painting them on the front of an orange pumpkin. Draw and paint them from memory, or take a picture to refer to. These aren’t traditional designs but they sure are amazing.

Dog pumpkin
Image Source: @lisadefeoart

Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Pumpkins

If you love Lilly Pulitzer inspired designs, here are plenty of pumpkin painting ideas for you! Decorate your pumpkins with bright flowers, flamingos, pumpkins, vines, and more to maker your pumpkins pop!

bright painted pumpkins with flamingos and florals
Image Source: @lillylane23

Autumn Leaves

Paint tiny fall leaves onto the surface of your pumpkin or gourds and you have adorable mini fall decorations for the whole season. Look for leaf stencils to make the painting process even easier!

Pumpkins with leaves painted on them
Image Source: @kate.illustrate

Hand Painted Pumpkins with Floral Designs

Image Source: @shannonkirsten

Handpaint your pumpkins with a solid color background and floral design on top. Use solid flowers or a mix of colors to match your fall decor. Get creative with the petals and leaves!

Neutral Painted Pumpkins

These neutral pumpkins are a lovely way to decorate any home without adding crazy colors. Use tans, grays, and beiges to create your background. Then, add contrasting colors and designs on top!

Image Source: @kenandco

Sugar Skull Pumpkin Design

Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead with sugar skull pumpkins. This is a great pumpkin painting project for kids. Paint the sugar skulls onto real or fake pumpkins using bright colors and cute shapes.

Sugar skull pumpkin
Image Source: @nicecosas

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkins

Jack Skellington and company are great additions to October fun! Create your own display of characters to set out for Halloween festivities.

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkins
Image Source: @pattemoon

M&M’s Pumpkins

Paint your sweet pumpkins to look like your favorite candy treat! These M&M creations will look adorable on your front steps this fall.

M&M's pumpkins
Image Source: Crystal Brandi Vititoe

Coastal Pumpkins

Decorate your pumpkins with a seashore feel! Add seahorses, sea turtles, coral, and more. Use blues and whites to create these lovely masterpieces.

Coastal Painted Pumpkins
Source: @katemcrostie

Disney Painted Pumpkins

Kids will love painting their favorite Disney characters onto pumpkins like this Mickey and Minnie duo.

Pumpkin Painting Ideas
Image Source: Unknown

Rainbow Pumpkins

If you want to decorate your entire porch, grab a ton of pumpkins and paint each one a different color. You’ll have a beautiful display of rainbow pumpkins to greet your fall guests.

Pumpkin Painting Ideas
Image Source: June & January

Enjoy painting your pumpkins this year using some of these fun ideas!

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