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Lucky Wish Bottles & Necklace

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I read a quote today that completely inspired me. It said “never stop making wishes.” I adore that phrase   and decided that I needed to make a little craft to go along those sweet words. These DIY mini wish bottles couldn’t be easier to make. They took me about 20 minutes and cost about $1 each to make.

Lucky Wish Bottles & Necklace

Aren’t these perfect for St. Patrick’s day? I made a few lucky green bottles, a pot of gold and rainbow. I even turned one into a necklace. They would also make wonderful DIY gifts for a special friend or party favors for a fairy themed birthday party.

Miniature glass bottles filled with glitter and beads for wish making.


Here’s what you need:

  • Miniature glass bottles or vials
  • Glitter, beads or what ever your heart desires to put inside the bottle.
  • A piece of paper to roll and use as a funnel for your glitter or beads.

If you want to make one into a necklace, you just need to push a small eye-screw or eye-pin into the cork. I added some glue to make sure it was secure. Once your eye-screw or pin is in place, add a jump ring to make it a pendant that can be added to a necklace chain. Told you it was easy!

Happy Wish Making!

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