11 Easy Frog Drawing Ideas

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Whether you love frogs or you just want to some frog drawing ideas, the below drawing of frogs contains a variety of settings and themes . From cute frogs to realistic frogs there’s a little bit of everything to spark your creativity, including a step by step frog drawing tutorial.

frog drawing ideas

Easy Frog Drawings

Birthday Frog

Perfect for birthdays or celebrations, this adorable frog with a balloon and hat on the frog’s head is sure to make anyone smile. This is a perfect drawing for a birthday card or something to draw on top of a wrapping paper. birthday frog drawing

Realistic Frog

For a more realistic frog drawing, draw a side profile. The hind legs are probably the most difficult part but they just involve a curved line or two. Drawing the side of the body is an easier way to draw a realistic frog than trying to draw the frog straight on. realistic frog drawing

Frog Holding a Leaf

Holding a leaf for shade, this cute kawaii frog drawing was so much fun to draw. Just draw an oval shape with a point to create the leaf. Frog holding a leaf

Jumping Frog

This cute little tree frog looks like he is jumping, but it can easily be interpreted as dancing or cheering. This simple frog drawing is perfect for beginners with the easy to draw stick arms and legs. Try putting this frog in different poses just by bending the legs and arms.jumping frog drawing

Frog with a Heart

This frog doodle is perfect to draw for Valentine’s Day or just to make a loved one smile. Add pink rosy cheeks, a large smile and big eyes to make this cute cartoon frog. You can always draw another object instead of a heart for the frog to hold. frog holding a heart

Frog Prince

Draw this cute prince frog on a lily pad drawing. Add a small gold crown on top of the frog and color him in with your favorite shades of green. Don’t forget the cute heart near his head for a finishing touch.frog prince drawing

Mushroom Frog

What makes a cute frog even cuter…try a mushroom hat! Add this easy mushroom frog drawing to your sketchbook, homemade cards, and journals. mushroom frog

Astronaut Frog

Frogs can dream of being astronauts, too, can’t they? This whimsical frog would be great to add to a space theme drawing. outer space frog

Simple Frog Drawing

Frog drawings don’t need to be complicated. This simple frog doodle is easy to draw and can also be painted on a canvas. You can change up the background or change the expression on the frog’s face. Happy frog drawing with a heart over its head

Toad Drawing

Add some spots to this drawing of a frog to turn it into a toad. This toad drawing is a good representation of adult frogs. toad drawing

How to Draw a Frog Step by Step

Strawberry Frog Drawing

Follow this step by step tutorial to draw your own cute frog drawing. I made this kawaii frog holding a strawberry but you can make the frog holding anything you’d like. how to draw a frog

  1. Begin by drawing the eyes of the frog.
  2. Next, draw the body of the frog by connecting the eyes.
  3. Add two little front legs and two back legs. Create the front leg with two straight lines and some zig-zags at the bottom for the frog toes. The back leg is created with a curve ending in zig-zags for the toes.
  4. Next, add the eyes and a tiny mouth. The frog’s eye is a large circle colored completely black except for the pupil at the top.
  5. The final step is to add the strawberry. Draw a curve connecting the front legs and a more v-shaped curve underneath. Add dots for the seeds and some squiggles for the leaf at the top.

These easy steps get you an adorable frog holding a strawberry. Now all you have to do is color him in with your favorite markers, crayons, or pencils.

Quick Drawing Tips

I recommend using a pencil to sketch your illustrations before you add color. This is just a preference, but I find that I am easily able to fix mistakes and see the frog take shape.

Don’t worry about your drawings being perfect. The key is to have fun and enjoy the drawing process. The more you practice drawing frogs the better you’ll get.

Start with the drawing that speaks the most to you, and then try others as you get more comfortable. The proportions of the frog don’t have to be perfect either. Once you add details of the frog, the rest will fall into place. Frogs all look different, just like people!

Supplies Needed to Draw Adorable Frogs

If you aren’t sure where to start with doodling, grab some of these supplies to begin. You don’t have to have crazy artistic skills to begin drawing. Young artists often start just as a hobby to pass the time. Here are some of my favorite supplies to use.

Be sure to check out my other drawing blog posts for more easy things to draw. There are easy kids’ drawings and plenty of doodles for adults as well.

Happy drawing!

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