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Fall Truck Painted Rock Tutorial

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Fall Truck Painted Rock finished project of a blue truck filled with fall items like pumpkins and apples

Fall is the perfect time to collect rocks and create fun and colorful fall painted rocks. Fall rocks are great for decor around the house, decorating your garden, using as part of table decor and more. See below for how to create this adorable fall truck painted rock.

Cute Fall Themed Truck Painted Rock Tutorial

If you’re a fan of the vintage truck design then this is a prefect fall project to try out this year. The best part is that it doesn’t need a lot of supplies! Don’t let my design intimidate you; this harvest truck design is actually really easy to create and paint onto a rock. You can also modify it a bit to fit your skill level – and don’t forget to paint the truck your favourite color!

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Fall Truck Painted Rock Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Directions for Creating Your Own Fall Painted Rocks

1. Outline the Design on the Rock

With a pencil, trace the outline of the bottom half of the truck. Include the bed of the truck, the bumper, and the tires.

The base of the truck sketched out on the rock

2. Draw the Window and Mirrors

Leave room for the “fall decoration” in the middle of the rock, above the bed of the truck. Then trace the top of the truck and the rearview mirrors.

Truck design is sketched onto the rock with space left for the contents of the truck bed. The window is disconnected from the base with a bit of a space.

3. Paint the Truck

Choose a bright color to use when coloring in your truck. Color the bed of the truck as well as the top of the truck. You can use gray and black for the bumper and tires.

The contents of the truck bed sketched out with pencil

4. Add Fall Designs

You can use your pencil again to trace any fun fall decor/items that you want in the back of the truck like flowers, pumpkins, or a barrel of apples. Don’t forget the rear view mirror in the middle of the windshield.

Adding details inside the truck bed

5. Fill in White Areas

Next, color in the windshield and rear view mirrors with white. Outline the rear view mirror on the windshield with black. Add red rear lights and draw white lines to accentuate the tire marks.

The window and mirrors have been filled in

6. Draw the Banner

With your pencil, trace the outline of a banner on the back of the truck.

Sketching the banner on the back of the truck

7. Fill it in

Fill in the banner with fun colors.

The design before it is outlined. It looks washed out.

8. Outline and Add Details

Outline the truck, banner, and other items in black. Add groove lines to pumpkins.

Fall Painted Rock Tutorial finished craft -a rock has the back of a truck painted on it that's filled with fall items like pumpkins and apples

9. Finishing Touches

Outline the flowers and add a few accent leaves. You can also add a few stray sprigs of wheat/straw. In a pretty font, write the words “happy fall!” on the back of the truck.

Fall Truck Painted Rock Tutorial

10. Apply Sealant

Optional: Seal the rock with sealant to complete the rock.

Quick Step by Step to Make a Fall Truck Painted Rock

  1. Sketch out the base of the truck and wheels onto the rock.
  2. Add the window and mirrors, leaving space for the truck’s contents (pumpkins, etc) to be added later.
  3. Draw in the designs for truck’s contents and paint frame of the truck in your choice of color.
  4. Paint the bumper grey and the wheels black.
  5. Fill in your truck bed’s contents however you like.
  6. Color in the white parts of the window and mirrors.
  7. Sketch out the banner and then fill it in with fun colors.
  8. Add fine details and outline everything in black.
  9. Write “Happy Fall” on the back.
  10. Optional: Seal your rock.

More Ideas

Once you finish your painted truck design you can have some fun creating other fall themed painted rocks. Try painting pumpkins, fall leaves, and sunflowers in coordinating colors to display with your truck. Or paint some trucks in different colors to give away as fun little “happy fall” gifts!

You could also adapt this design to paint a vintage truck for almost any holiday; just change the words and fill it with something seasonal.

I would love to see your version of this harvest truck painted rock. Come share with me a picture of your finished rock on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!



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