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Easter Painted Rocks

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Easter is the perfect time to get creative and make some colorful and fun easter painted rocks. The best part about painting rocks for Easter is that it’s a craft that can be enjoyed by kids and adults. How fun would it be to set-up a rock painting table for the family to enjoy before an easter egg hunt.

Or maybe you can do some easter rock hunting with easter egg painted rocks that you can hide. You can also just paint cute easter designs like an easter chick or peter rabbit. See below for the best supplies for rock painting, how to paint rocks and get some easter rocks design inspiration.

Easy DIY Easter Painted Rocks

Easter Painted Rock Ideas - There are 6 painted rocks with different designs

Supplies for Easter Themed Rock Painting (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Check out my guide for more details on the best supplies to use for painting rocks.

Easter Painted Rocks in an egg carton

How to Paint Easter Rocks – Tips and Tricks

1. Sketch Your Design

Start by sketching your designs in a sketchbook or on a piece of paper. I find it’s much easier to figure out your design on paper first.

Sketching designs to use in my rock painting

2. Draw the Outline on the Rock

Using a pencil, lightly sketch the design outline onto the rock.

3. Paint a Base Coat

With acrylic paint, paint the basic design. Don’t worry, you’ll fill in the details later.

Starting with a white base painted on the rocks in the shape of the future design

4. Fill it the Design

Once your white design is completely dry, use your paint pens or acrylic paint to fill in the design. Let your rock dry completely before the next step.

Painting over the white design with colors

5. Add Details

Using a black fineliner pen outline your design and add any details. This final step is what really makes your design pop.

Adding fine details with a marker

How to Make Painted Easter Rocks – Quick Step by Step

  1. Sketch out your design on a sheet of paper.
  2. Outline the design on your rock lightly.
  3. Apply a base coat of white paint covering your sketch and let it dry.
  4. Fill in the design with color.
  5. When that’s dry, add fine detail with marker.

Completed Easter painted rock - this one is a flower


Rock Painting Designs for Easter

Here’s some of my favorite Easter themed rock painting designs. Some of them are also cute spring DIY rock painting ideas!

Easter Egg Rock Painting Ideas

These colorful easter egg rocks are made using dimensional paint. See the full tutorial here on how to make them. The key is to look for egg shape rocks but don’t worry if you can’t find them. Easter designs look great on any shape. Easter Egg Style Painted Rocks

Easter Bunny Painted Rocks

This cute bunny rock is sure to make anyone smile. You can add in any background design and even have it holding something different like an easter basket or easter egg. 

Easter Bunny Painted Rock

Easter Basket Painted Rock

This Easter basket egg rock painting is so cute! Use it as inspiration for your Easter crafts.

Easter basket painted rock

Chick Rock Painting Idea

You can’t paint Easter rocks without chicks! Use your imagination to add some spring themed details.

Chick themed Easter painted rocks

Rooster Painted Rock

This little rooster is oh so cute and easy to paint on rocks.

Rooster Painted Rock

Peeps Painted Rock Idea

Peeps are definitely invited to the Easter rock painting party! This one might hurt your teeth, though.

Peeps Easter Painted Rock Idea

Lamb Painted Rocks for Easter

A fluffy little lamb painted rock – look, the lamb is holding an Easter basket too!

Lamb painted rock for Easter

Flower Painted Rock

Flower painted rocks are perfect to add some spring colors to your rock painting activity. Start with simple designs like this one, or paint any type of flower you like best.

Colorful spring flower painted on a rock

Painting rocks is such a fun craft that everyone can enjoy. Would love to see your painted Easter rocks. Come find me on social media @Colormadehappy and share what you’ve created!

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