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Cupcake Ornament DIY

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Cupcake Ornament DIYI love making cute DIY Christmas ornaments for the holidays and this time I wanted to make something that was extra sweet. I partnered with Arteza to bring you this fun and creative way to make a cupcake Christmas ornament (AD). There are so many different ways to make a cupcake ornament but this way will show you how to take a glitter ornament and turn it into a cupcake in just a few simple steps. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my glitter ornament tutorial here.

Supplies for Cupcake Ornaments (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Directions for Cupcake Ornament DIY

  1. Start by creating your glitter ornaments. Fill a medicine dropper with about 5ml of polycrylic.  Squeeze the polycrylic from the dropper into the ornament.
  2. Swirl the liquid around the entire ornament until it is completely coated.Turn over the ornament and let the excess liquid drain. I used tiny cups to allow the liquid to drain so that I could coat 2-3 ornaments at a time. You can always pour the excess liquid back into the polycrylic can.
  3. Pour glitter directly into the ornament. I didn’t need a funnel because the glitter opening poured easily, but you can use a funnel if needed.
  4. Swirl the ornament to cover the inside with glitter. To get the last little bit of the top covered take a piece of paper and place it over the top and give the ornament a few shakes. Glitter ornament DIY
  5. You don’t have to but it’s a good idea to let the ornament dry for 15-20mins if possible.
  6. Add the ornament top back on and paint white or cream frosting using acrylic paint. Once dry add sprinkles with acrylic paint or paint markers.
  7. Add a cute face using paint markers or acrylic paint.
  8. Glue the ornament to a cupcake liner. I just glue the bottom but you could also add a little glue on the sides if needed. Cupcake Ornament DIY

Ready to make your own cupcake ornaments? I’d love to see if you make one. If you share a picture on instagram be sure to tag me @colormadehappy.

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