15 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments 

Color Made Happy

One of my favorite Christmas-themed crafts is creating ornaments for our tree. There is an endless number of ideas, but I’ve narrowed it down for you.

I’ve compiled a list of my top 15 super easy DIY Christmas ornaments that you can either make yourself or with your little ones!

These adorable little cactus ornaments are a fun DIY you can whip up in minutes!

Cactus Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

These ornaments are super easy to make and will definitely bring out your inner 90s kid!

Lisa Frank Inspired Painted Christmas Ornaments

These mesmerizing rainbow hand-painted ornaments have got to be one of the most relaxing DIYs to make! 

Easy Hand Painted DIY Ornaments

I’m a huge fan of mini flower pots as you can tell! These adorable mini ice cream ornaments are super cute and make the perfect craft for little ones!

Cute Ice Cream Decorations

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