Best (and cutest) Easter Bunny Craft!

The Best Bunny Craft  you'll see all day!

The best part about making this cute bunny craft is that in the end, you have adorable easter decorations that would also be wonderful to give as Easter gifts! Also, so much fun to do as a kids craft!


1. Small rocks 2. Small clay pots 3. Acrylic paint or paint pens 4. Glitterific paint 5. White paper 6. Pompoms 7. Charms

Step one

Cover it

With Glitterific paint (this paint also acts as a glue making it easy to add the bunny tail and paws)

Pick out a small rock

Paint it with acrylic paint or paint pens!

Step two

Step three

Put grass in the flower pot

You can also use pom poms. Snowy bunnies in the Spring!?

Add feet and a tail

Add a pom pom for the bunny tail.

Step four

Step five


Add your bunny!

Add charms

Add embellishments to your flower pot!

Step six

Thick Brush Stroke

The cutest bunny craft for Easter!

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