How to Draw Santa For Your Holiday Decorations

Color Made Happy

Santa is a holiday icon and there’s so many fun ways to draw the jolly old elf. To help with seasonal art, I thought I’d share how to draw Santa with step by step instructions.

It’s an easy drawing tutorial for kids to try at home or in the classroom, or use it as inspiration for your own unique Santa art instead.

It might seem complicated at first, but anyone can draw Santa Claus with a little bit of practice. Remember: it’s the imperfections that make your art unique; he doesn’t have to be perfect!

You can give your Santa drawing any style of eyes you want. I went for a cute, simple design with eyelashes.

1. Start with the eyes and eyebrows.

First, draw the oval for Santa’s nose. Then add the two shapes coming off the bottom of the nose, just underneath. These will form the moustache

2. Add the nose, moustache, and mouth.

Rather than draw the face and then the beard, I like to draw the beard around the face in my cute Santa art doodles.

3. Draw the face shape and santa hat.

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