DIY Taco Christmas Ornament Craft

Color Made Happy

The Christmas season is upon us, which means it’s time to start making Christmas ornaments! I don’t know about you, but I love a good DIY Christmas ornament.

They’re so easy and fun to make, making them perfect activities for you or your kids to do! Even if you’re not a super crafty person, you can totally make taco Christmas ornaments!

How to Make These Cute Taco Ornament Crafts

Take the gold, dark brown, and green felt sheets and cut out one 4 inch circle from each sheet. 

1. Cut Circles

Grab your dark brown and green circles and cut them in half to make semi-circles.

2. Create Semi-Circles

Take your dark brown felt semi-circle and on the curved edge, cut a squiggly border to make it look like taco meat.

3. Make Taco Toppings

Then, glue the twine (approximately a 6-inch long string) to the tortilla shell by placing one end an inch away from the edge of the circle.

4. Add Twine to the Tortilla

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