DIY Pen & Pencil Pouches Canvas Bags

Color Made Happy

Whenever I see cute pen and pencil pouches at a store, I can’t help myself, I always want to buy them.

When I’m traveling I always seem to have at least one pen and pencil pouch as well as another for other art supplies like travel watercolors and mini sketchbooks.

Making your own DIY zipper pouch is a great project for all ages and it also makes for a great back to school project or teacher appreciation gift.


Canvas pouches Acrylic Ink Paintbrush Toothbrush Stencil

Start by cutting out a heart shape. I used card stock. I just let the heart sit on the bag.

Step 1: 

Dip a toothbrush in the pink acrylic ink, or apply it to the tooth brush using the bottle dropper, and start flicking the paint onto the left side of the bag.

Step 2: 

Swipe up to get  more  design options!