DIY Ice Cream Ornaments Christmas Craft

Color Made Happy

I’m a HUGE fan of using mini flower pots for crafts and if you like these DIY ice cream Christmas ornaments you’ll love my cactus ornaments as well.

These mini ice cream cone ornaments are adorable – they’re made from Christmas ornaments!

How to Make These Cute Ice Cream Ornament Crafts

Start by painting your ornaments with acrylic paint. NOTE: I did two coats of paint so that there would be no streaks and the ornament would have full coverage.

1. Paint The Christmas Ornaments

While the ornament is drying, paint the top of the mini flower pot the same ice cream color and add some cute ice cream drips.

2. Paint the Flower Pot Top

Add a cone pattern to the flower pot with a brown paint pen.

3. Make the Ice Cream Cone Pattern

Once the paint is completely dry you can also add white highlights to the ice cream drips to help them stand out.

4. Add Painted Details

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