25 Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

Color Made Happy

Whether you’re new to rock painting or you’ve created lots of painted rocks, here are some great Christmas Rock Painting ideas to get you excited for the holidays.

Holiday painted rocks are a great way to create a personalized handmade Christmas gift. You can even turn small painted rocks into beautiful painted rock ornaments.

Supplies Needed: 

Rocks  Acrylic Paint Paint Pens – Sealant

Rudolph Painted Rocks by Jennifer Sudduth. This is a cute way to take a simple design and make it more interesting. Use a dotting pen to make the lights!

Rudolph Rock Painting

Snowflake Bug Painted Rocks by Lorybugrocks. This winter painted rock idea is super simple to recreate and you can get creative with the snowflake design.

Blue Snowflake Ladybug Painted Rocks

Snowman painted rock by Wickery Rocks. This cute snowman is throwing his hat in the air because he’s happy it’s snowing.

Happy Snowman Painted Rock Idea

Gingerbread house rocks tutorial by Color Made Happy. This is one of my tutorials – I love how colorful they are.

Gingerbread House Rock Painting Ideas

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