20+ Cute Christmas Drawing Ideas

Color Made Happy

These cute Christmas themed drawings are perfect for kids and adults alike. 

Use them as inspiration for your winter doodling, or as cute additions to holiday cards, invitations and gifts.

Most of these Christmas drawing ideas are easy enough for beginners to try out too.

Start with a mug, then add in your favorite hot chocolate trimmings like whipped cream and a candy cane. It’s easy to change the mug color and artwork for your own personal touch (that’s super easy to draw).

Winter Hot Chocolate

Penguins are cute drawings for winter or Christmas-themed! They’re easy to sketch with a bit of practice and look adorable no matter how you pose them.

Christmas Penguin Drawings

Santa in a chimney is a great Christmas drawing idea for kids or adults; it’s a little bit easier than drawing a full-bodied Santa Claus drawing.

Santa in a Chimney

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