Year Round Christmas Tree Ideas

Year-Round Christmas Trees? This Rocks!

Most families take down their Christmas trees shortly after the holidays. The new year hits and they begin packing up the holiday decor. But why? No one said you have to take down your festive decorations just because the holidays are over. Why not have your own year round Christmas tree.

How This Started!

Back in December of 2019, Sami posted a gorgeous picture of her sugar candy-themed Christmas tree among gingerbread houses and other festive decor. The caption said, “I may never take her down”. And she didn’t. A couple of months later, she decorated the tree for Valentine’s Day, and then St. Patrick’s Day, Easter … and she kept going! Her Year Round Christmas Tree was born and she calls it the Never Ending Christmas Tree.




Valentine's Day!





Thick Brush Stroke

The best way to celebrate year-long!

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