The Best Way to Make Glitter Ornament

Color Made Happy

I’ve tried many different ways over the years to make glitter ornaments and this way is definitely the easiest and the ornaments turn out the best!

Finally an easy way to make DIY glitter ornaments that really doesn’t make a mess. The best part is that once your ornaments are made you can do so many fun things with them like painting cute designs, adding vinyl designs or using paint pens for intricate designs.

These sparkling ornaments are a great background for many fun DIY ornament ideas.


Clear plastic ornaments.  – Polycrylic Clear GlossFine GlitterMedicine dropper/syringe  Mini plastic cups (optional)

STEP 1: Remove the top of the ornament and fill a medicine dropper with polycrylic. You don’t need to much polycrylic. I used about 5ml. Squeeze the polycrylic from the dropper into the ornament.

STEP 2: Swirl the liquid around the entire ornament until it is completely coated.

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