Top Summer Nails Ideas and Trends for 2022

Summer Nail Ideas

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of colorful, fun nail designs. If you follow me on Instagram or Tiktok, you’ve probably seen some of my cute nail designs show up in my craft videos. I often get asked about my bright happy nails that are hand painted by my good friend Marah of 10 Tiny Canvases.

On-Trend Nails

Very on trend for summer 2022 are cute happy face nails! Whether they are small smiley faces on top of negative space and a nude base, larger smiles on solid nails, or smiles inside of flowers, there’s just something so fun and classic about smileys.

Smiley Faces

If bright nails aren't your  thing, try pastels!

These flowers with smileys in them are adorable.


More Pastels

Gradient nails, using multiple colors on the same nail.

A different take on  pastel nails.

More Pastels

Thick Brush Stroke

Such a fun way to add color to yoru life!

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