Easter Painted Rock Tutorial

Easter rocks?!  That rocks!!!

How fun would it be to set up a rock painting table for the family to enjoy before an Easter egg hunt? Or maybe you can do some easter rock hunting with easter egg painted rocks that you can hide. You can also just paint cute easter designs like an easter chick or peter rabbit.


1. Rocks (Amazon has some great smooth rocks if you can’t find any outside) 2. Paint pens 3. Acrylic paint  4. Paint brushes  4. Dimensional paint Swipe up for the full list!

Step one

Paint the basic design

Paint on the rock. Don’t worry, you’ll fill in the details later!

Sketch your designs

Sketch your designs on paper first!

Step two

Step three

Enjoy your cute rock!!

Use the black paint pen to outline.

Fill it in!

Use acrylic paint to fill it in.

Step four

Thick Brush Stroke

The best Easter craft!

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