kAwaii drawing inspo

Cute and Easy Frog Drawing Ideas

By Color Made Happy

1. Birthday Frog

Isn't this frog so cute? Draw him for birthday celebrations or to decorate a birthday card.

2. Space Frog

Bolding going where no frog has gone before! Use this as inspiration to draw your own frog sitting somewhere fun.

3. Frog Prince

Will kissing this frog turn him into a prince or is he the price of all frogs? You decide in your artistic creation!

4. Jumping Frog

This kawaii frog is super easy to draw if you're a beginner. Hop to it!

5. Holding a Heart

Oh look, this little froggie has a special gift for you! So cute, and so easy to draw too.

6. Under a Leaf

After you draw this frog add some detail to your picture. Is froggie getting some shade or hiding from the rain?

7. Realistic Frog

If you want to draw a more realistic looking amphibian this is an easy way to illustrate one.