Make your own DIY abstract art

5 Easy Heart Painting Ideas

By Color Made Happy

Supplies Needed

- Wooden heart shaped cutout - Acrylic paint in a variety of colors including white - Paint scraper - Palette knife - Paintbrushes (various sizes)


1. Squiggle Art

Add combinations of colorful and white paint to your brush then paint in a squiggle technique. Repeat until it's all covered.

2. Large Paintbrush

Add small blobs of paint along the top of the heart in a rainbow of colors then use a large paintbrush to spread them out from top to bottom.

3. Color Wheel

Start with an inner circle of paint blobs, then use a small paintbrush to spread them outward for a colorful effect.

4. Abstract Art

Add paint randomly around your heart shape then use a small palette knife to spread it out.

5. Paint Scraper

Line your paint along the side then use a large paint scraper to pull it across in even lines.